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There's no point in getting visitors to your website, if they can't use it when they get there.


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genuine insight into how to improve a website's performance both in search engines and through site user experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to provide clear, insightful and effective advice on improving your web presence.”
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Website User Experience

Usability & User Experience

Should you care if your users are confused or frustrated?  YES you should, because website Users – those people who might be your current or future customers – will simply leave if the website is difficult to use, and will be unable to carry out the functions the website offers: whether you want users to sign up or register, buy something, or find out information.

There is no point in getting visitors to your website if they find it difficult or confusing to use when they get there.

What is usability?

Usability is concerned with the experience that your website users have.  It aims to predict likely problems your users will encounter on your website by carrying out (in the first instance) a review, followed by – if necessary or justifiable – user testing.

If your website is not performing as you expect it is not always a question of marketing, if your conversion rates are low, then it may be a usability problem.

Even though most current internet users can carry out basic tasks with confidence, when they encounter a new website all the known usability issues still cause problems.

But my website IS easy to use

It is normal for anyone involved in the organisation – including the website designers - to think that the website is easy to use.  However, this does not mean that it is easy for your users.  This is because everyone involved knows far more about it than the typical or target user. 

This may be due to a major issue, but is more often a series of small elements that when combined cause unforeseen problems, and result in confusion or frustration.

What benefit is there?

Typically, the expected Return on Investment (ROI) on any kind of usability is a minimum of 100%, B2B websites can often experience far higher with measurable results of over 500% improvement on performance. 

Where do I start?

We ALWAYS recommend that a minimum website audit and evaluation is carried out PRIOR to any online promotion, social media activities or similar.

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