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played a significant part in our recent decision to establish a brand new online booking agency for holiday cottages in Wales ... This experience gave us the tools, the understanding and the belief to start our own business and in the first month of trading, we've already had over 5,000 people visiting our website. Crucially, these visitors are also purchasing our holiday cottages."

Llion Pughe
Best of Wales Ltd

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Website Planning & Feasibility

"I've got a great idea for a website, I'm going to make a fortune..." is something everyone must have heard in recent years.

Or maybe you're planning to take your existing business and trade online. Is your website or online business idea likely to succeed? How can you know?

Perhaps you already have a website that is not working, and want to redevelop, but not make the same costly mistakes this time.

Do this first

Before spending a lot of time, effort and usually more money than you can afford, you need to find out if your plan is likely to succeed. What are the success factors? What are the likely causes of failure? Can your plan be improved?

Website planning and feasibility is a process that needs to be carried out before you start development, even before you write a business plan, and definitely before you contact a website designer or developer.

Critical examination of fundamentals

No matter how good you think your idea is, it needs to be subjected to rigorous critical examination before you start out.  By checking out all the fundamentals, success factors and potential failure points can be identified and dealt with, planned for and costed in, ensuring that your project has the best possible chance of success.

From as little as a few hours invested at this early stage can save costly errors in direction and investment of resources.

Find out BEFORE you invest ... start your website planning process with a call to Business for Business Internet Marketing Limited on 01792 817270 or email us.

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