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Website Internationalisation

Website Internationalisation for Exporting Companies

By Nigel T Packer

Assuming that you are in the UK or are a native English speaker … do you buy from websites that are not in the English language? It is very unlikely, so why do you think that a native French speaker, a German or an Italian will undergo the difficulties (or bother investing time using Google Translate® or similar) to make a purchase from your English language website? 

Of course there are reasons or situations where this might happen, for example: you are the only source for the product or maybe there is something unique about the services you provide; but these scenarios can only become ever rarer as the global economy and purchaser embraces the internet.

Seeking new opportunities

If you are targeting other countries to sell your products or services, to grow your business, or to seek new opportunities, then it is completely logical that providing the information in the destination language increases your opportunities and the chance of entering a wider market.

Translation and localisation

The translation of a website or product page from English into a destination language is quite straightforward to source or arrange.  However, this alone is unlikely to be sufficient to make the website effective in a destination market.

Localised language and attention to cultural differences contribute hugely to the engagement of customers from other countries.  The choice of images and colours, the way the information is presented, not forgetting of course your selection of targeted keywords and phrases, can all influence customer attention, engagement and buying decisions.

Customer Service

As an exporting company you want to provide the best possible customer service and user experience for your international clients and customers.  When investing in export markets, your website is an essential tool for guiding customers to your products and services. A clear understanding of the online idiosyncrasies of destination markets and a strategic approach to delivering your offering online are essential facets to success.

Develop a strategy for success

Our new website internationalisation course offers a day of learning that will help you consolidate the feasibility of your international objectives, develop a strategy for your website to reach your overseas markets, introduce concepts and guidelines for communicating effectively across cultures and provide a structure and process for your international digital promotion.

Start the process to international business success by contacting us to arrange your training programme.

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