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"All of a sudden SEO began to make sense. After attending a couple of generic SEO training courses I was still struggling with how to apply it to my companies individual needs. A day with Nigel and a bespoke training course on SEO has given me the knowledge and confidence to take a big step forward in the company’s digital marketing. Within a week we had received a
sizeable order from a natural SEO search."

Angela Coyle, Group Head of Marketing at Compton Group

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If no-one can find your website through search engines, then it is not working effectively for your business or organisation. 

Location – where is the course held?

This workshop is delivered at our premises in our dedicated training room at Llandarcy, South Wales, SA10 6JQ, conveniently close to the M4, J43.

Alvailable as a private course, anywhere in the UK or EU.

Covering a range of techniques this workshop provides an overview of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from the viewpoint of the business and its customers.

This workshop will introduce the concept of SEO and help the delegates to understand the role played by search engines, and the contributing elements to generating desirable website traffic.

Covering a range of techniques this session provides an overview of your SEO strategy, planning, development and management.  Understanding the thinking behind, and processes of, selection and positioning of keywords and more in order to improve search engine results and the users’ (customers’) experience.

Note that this is not another workshop for the technologically inclined or initiated, this is about business, YOUR business and how to get the best return on your investment of resources.   Delivered in a straightforward way, using non-technical language, full of insights and real-world observations, practical techniques and actionable strategies.

Objectives – what you will learn in this workshop

Delegates will understand, gain insights into, or be able to prepare:

  • SEO – what is it, and why should you be doing it

  • How exactly do people find your website … now?

  • Assessing the current state of your website’s SEO

  • Keywords - what are they and why do we need them?

  • Choosing keywords and developing keyword sets

  • Now that we have the keywords where do they go?

  • Keywords and content – working with the inextricable link

  • Considering the SEO impact during text content development

  • Information Architecture: category labelling and ‘text’ menus

  • Search Engines – the user’s experience at this primary touch-point

  • Gaze and scanning behaviour – the case for frontloading

  • Improving and maintaining rank through link building

  • Content updates – and the relationship with maintaining SEO

  • Search engines: getting listed

Who should attend?

This workshop is for anyone who:

  • Is planning to develop and implement a website
  • Has an existing website that is not performing to expectations

Essential learning for:

  • Business owners and directors
  • Sales or marketing managers
  • Digital marketing managers or team members

Prerequisites – what skills or experience should you already possess

It is not assumed that the delegates have any prior knowledge of website development or internet marketing, but will have used the internet (for browsing, email, etc.) and be familiar with their company or organisation’s function. 

Format – what type of course?

This workshop is delivered as a one-day session. There will be lots of opportunities to discuss, question and share experiences as well as some practical activities.

How many delegates

The number of delegates is up to you, although do recommend keeping the group size to a maximum of 16 delegates to keep the tutor/delegate ratio as high as possible. 

Price – how much (per course - not per delegate to attend a one-day workshop)


so if you have 6 or 16 people in your team who need the training, the fee is the same.

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Need a bespoke course?

You might be looking for something that is more specifically tailored to your company's goals, a bespoke course that is focused on your needs. Or a combination workshops delivered as a program.

So talk to us about your needs, to arrange your dates and locations please call 01792 817 270 or email


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