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Are you using Social Media
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"Had social media training with Nigel and found him to be

 knowledgeable, engaging and responsive. I would certainly recommend this training to others."

Andrew Hastie Marketing and Sales Executive, Wolfestone

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Social Media Strategy

Are you using social media to benefit your business? Or are you, or your team, potentially causing damage without even realising? 

Location where is the course held?

This workshop is delivered at our premises in our dedicated training room at Llandarcy, South Wales, SA10 6JQ, conveniently close to the M4, J43.

Available as a private course, anywhere in the UK or EU.


This workshop will help you to understand how taking a strategic approach to using social media will benefit your business or organisation. 

Note that this is not another workshop for the technologically inclined or initiated, this is about business, YOUR business and how to get the best return on your investment of resources.   Delivered in a straightforward way, using non-technical language, full of insights and real-world observations, practical techniques and actionable strategies.

Objectives what you will learn in this workshop

Delegates will understand, gain insights into, or be able to prepare:

  • What is Web 2.0: content consumers to content producers

  • Overview of social media segments and the scale of social media uptake

  • Engaging with Web 2: options, strategy and the team

  • Planning your campaign, who, where, when, etc.

  • Personas and profiles, developing and managing

  • Planning and building your dialogue, threads, answering questions, engendering and facilitating debate

  • Users, readers and respondents know your followers

  • Blogging and Microblogging should you be doing it, expertise and resources

  • Sourcing and using Forums and message boards effectively

  • Linking: deep, direct, relevant and permitted - targeting placement

  • Online Reviewing platforms and reviewer behaviour

  • Risk analysis & dealing with a bad response or review,

  • Online reputation management

  • Social media policy for your business establishing guidelines for your team

  • Business networking choices, strategies for business benefit, focus on building business connections

  • Collaborative media is there a place for this in your business

  • Writing for twitter, Micro and Nano-text, shrinking links, pre-scheduling posts

  • Mistaking activity for content the danger zone,

  • Tracking, results and record keeping; feedback, alerts and analytics

Who should attend?

This workshop is for anyone who:

  • Is planning to use, or in the process of using, social media for business
  • Want to improve performance in their use of social media

Essential learning for:

  • Business owners and directors
  • Sales, marketing or PR managers and Digital marketing managers
  • Anyone in your team who is using social media, that may potentially impact on the business (yes really, anyone)

Prerequisites what skills or experience should you already possess

It is not assumed that the delegates have any prior knowledge of website development or internet marketing, but will have used the internet (for browsing, email, etc.) and be familiar with their company or organisations function.  It is not necessary to already be engaged with social media

Format what type of course?

This workshop is delivered as a one-day session. There will be lots of opportunities to discuss, question and share experiences as well as some practical activities. Note that this is not the type of social media training that tells you where to click and type in a box - this is focused on using social media platforms to make connections that will benefit your business.

How many delegates

The number of delegates is up to you, although do recommend keeping the group size to a maximum of 16 delegates to keep the tutor/delegate ratio as high as possible. 

Price how much (per course - not per delegate to attend a one-day workshop)


so if you have 6 or 16 people in your team who need the training, the fee is the same.

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Need a bespoke course?

You might be looking for something that is more specifically tailored to your company's goals, a bespoke course that is focused on your needs. Or a combination workshops delivered as a program.

Maybe you are targeting the consumer market and need to focus on your facebook strategy, perhaps you need to ensure that all your team are 'tweeting in the same direction'.  We can help.  Get in touch today.

So talk to us about your needs, to arrange your dates and locations please call 01792 817 270 or email


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